About Us

Hengxin Mould Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest China-based manufacturers of preform mould. Founded since 1992, our company is fully committed to the design, production, and distribution of precision molds, such as the preform mould, plastic cap mould, and bottle blowing mould. The hot runner system is also available.

Nearly 20 years of growth and expansion has allowed us to vastly improve our production facilities. Our workshops are enhanced with the implementation of advanced technologies from both domestic and foreign sources. Hengxin moulds are specifically designed for performance, increasing the production efficiency of clients while lowering their manufacturing costs.

We utilize advanced production equipment such as the CNC lathe, fly cutter, drill press, carving machine, boring machine, grinding machine, and the NC milling machine. Our lathes are provided by the well known Japanese brands MAZAK and Takahashi Kikai. Three precision injection machines allow us to fully test completed moulds.

The Hengxin staff includes 80 employees, most of whom have had 15 years of industry experience. We offer comprehensible solutions that are formulated according to the circumstantial needs of our clients. We have been created a brand that is built upon the trust and appreciation of our customers. Hengxin products are exported globally to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Australia, among other countries and regions.