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Working Principle
The hot runner system keeps the plastic in the molten state on the runner and pouring gate through heating. There are heating rod and heating ring near the runner or in the center of the runner. The runner between the nozzle exit of the injection machine and the pouring gate is working at high temperature so as to keep the plastic in the runner molten all the time. When the machine stops, there is no need to open the runner to get the coagulated material. It also works through heating the runner to required temperature when the machine starts again.

The mold made by the hot runner system saves much raw material and reduces the production cost. The ordinary running system will generates a large quantity of material feeding handles so that the weight of the coagulated material exceeds the weight of the product while producing the small product. As the plastic in the hot runner mold is molten all the time, there is no need to cut the pouring and there is waste material. Moreover, this system removes the process of recycling waste material, waste selection, smashing, dyeing and so on. Therefore, this system saves much time, labor and energy.

1.The hot runner system is designed with foreign advanced technology. The product adopts the free cutting pouring gate and its nozzle controls the temperature independently.
2. It reduces the energy consumption and pressure loss.
3. All the cavities control the temperature independently and the temperature fluctuation is less than 1℃.
4. The system makes use of the imported heating element of Germany Hotset or Italian Rotfil.
5. The balance design of the product ensures that all the cavities are heated at even temperature and bear even stress. It also ensures the equal quality of every preform.

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