Bottle Blow Mould

    1. 4 Cavity HDPE Blow MouldAccording to the demands of the customers, the product can be made of stainless steel or common 50# steel material. This product is used to make the shampoo personal care packaging. It features excellent cooling and tough cut. With automatic removal of flashing, our product can be cooperated with various brands of extruding machines, such as SMC, AKEI, KING BRAND, etc.
    1. 6 Cavity Blow Mould for Automatic Linear Blowing MachineThe 6 cavity bow mould for automatic linear blowing machine is made of the aluminum 7075 from the USA. This product has the mirror polished surface and excellent cooling water channel. It is suitable for different brands of automatic linear blowing machines, like Xili, etc.
    1. 4 Cavity Fully Automatic Blow MouldThis 4 cavity fully automatic blow mould is made of the aluminum 7075 that comes from America. The surface of the product is processed with mirror polishing. This product is designed with superior cooling water channel. It is suitable for fully automatic blowing machine to make four bottles at one time.
    1. Bottle Mould for Hand Feeding Blow Blowing MachineThe bottle mould for hand feeding automatically blowing machine has 1 cavity and it usually adopts the aluminum 7075 from the USA. According to the demands of customers, the product can be made of stainless steel, like P-20, C-50, etc. Moreover, this product features mirror polished surface and excellent cooling water channel.
    1. 3 Cavity HDPE Blow MouldThis product adopts the aluminum 7075, Be and Cu, as well as the stainless steel or ordinary 50# steel as per the demands of customers. This product has the advantages of excellent cooling system, tough cut and automatic flashing removing property. It is suitable for diversified brands of extruders, like SMC, AKEI, KING BRAND, etc.
    1. HDPE Lubricant Bottle Blow MoldOur product is used to make the 5L lubricating oil bottle and it has only one cavity. The product adopts the well designed cooling water channel and its cut part is improved on toughness for the thermal treatment. Moreover, this product is applicable for different brands of extruders in China and abroad, such as SMC, AKEI, KING BRAND, etc.
    1. Rotary Blow MoldMachine : Sidel automatic rotary blowing machine
      Material : Aluminum 7075 and stainless steel
      Feature : Short cycle time for production

Our bottle blow mould is supplied in all kinds of types in different shapes covering almost the whole package market of mineral water, juice, food and other products.

1.Our bottle blow mould is made of high quality steel material.
2. With the latest CAD and CAM technology and experienced designing group, our product is designed flexibly in diversified shapes with the superior 2D or 3D designing software to meet the market demands at present. The suggested shape design is also supplied for plastic product.
3. The product is coated with chrome on the surface.
4. It adopts the reasonable cooling water circuit.
5. The parts of the product is processed through the CNC equipment.
6. The product features low invest cost, short investing time, low maintenance cost, etc.

With the supplied hand drawing sketch of the PET bottle of customers or nothing, our designers will work out the detailed information of the bottle through discussions with our customer, like the diameter, height, label size, the bottle volume, etc. Then the initial draft design of the bottle evolves not on paper but through the computer with the help of 2D and 3D software.

We aim to create the bottle blow mold that costs the minimum amount of material. The material cost takes up 80% in the total cost of the bottle. In the production of the bottle that weighs 20 to 60g at the speed of more than 30,000 bottles an hour, a few grams sequent reducing result in enormous saving. After 20 years of development, we realize the production of rotary style product for Sidel, fully automatic type, semi-automatically type, PE extrusion type, etc. In addition, our product is suitable for various injection machines at home or abroad.

HENGXIN MOULD is a professional bottle blow mould manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including preform mould, plastic cap mould, hot runner system, and more.

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