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The HDPE lubricant bottle blow mold is made of the P-20 material with sand spraying on the surface. There are varied materials for making the product according to the demands of customers, like aluminum, stainless steel, common 50# steel, etc.

Our product is used to make the 5L lubricating oil bottle and it has only one cavity. The product adopts the well designed cooling water channel and its cut part is improved on toughness for the thermal treatment. Moreover, this product is applicable for different brands of extruders in China and abroad, such as SMC, AKEI, KING BRAND, etc.

As a professional HDPE lubricant bottle blow mold manufacturer and supplier in China, HENGXIN MOULD also provides 4 cavity HDPE blow mould, 96 cavity PET preform mould, 8 cavity cold runner cap mould, flip top cap mould, among others.

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