Plastic Cap Mould

    1. 32 Cavity Hot Runner Cap Mould for Mineral Water BottleWith the hot runner system, this product is also equipped with inserted core and cavity, all of which are interchangeable. The injection point is on the top surface of the cap that has double locking function. Moreover, the security ring should be treated on the cut after injection molding.
    1. 24 Cavity Hot Runner Cap Mould for Carbonated Soft DrinkIn the diameter of PCO 28mm, the 24 cavity cap mould for carbonated soft drink is designed with the hot runner system. With the double locking function, the product adopts the interchangeable inserted core and cavity. The material is injected from the point on the cap top surface. This product is able to cooperate with the cap ring slitting machine, cap folding machine and cap lining machine while working.
    1. 16 Cavity Cap Mould with Hot Runner SystemThe 16 cavity cap mould with hot runner system is suitable for mineral water bottle, whose mouth diameter is 30mm. The product adopts the inserted core and cavity that are interchangeable. With double locking function, the product is injected with the material from the point on the cap top surface.
    1. 12 Cavity Milk Bottle Cap MouldThe 12 cavity milk bottle cap mould is designed with the cold runner. The inserted core and cavity of the product are interchangeable. The logo on the cap surface can be customized according to customers. Moreover, the cap can separate with the material handle automatically.
    1. 12 Cavity Hot Runner Cap MouldThe 12 cavity hot runner cap mould is designed with excellent cooling circuit. This product performs with good cooling effect and short cycle time of production. Due to the sliding block structure, there is no need of using incision machine.
    1. 8 Cavity Cold Runner Cap MouldThe 8 cavity cold runner cap mould is designed in the diameter of PCO 28mm and it is suitable for packing mineral water. The product adopts the core and cavity for inserting and these parts are interchangeable. With double locking function, this product also needs the cutting treatment on security ring through the cap ring slitting machine after injection molding.
    1. Cap Mould for 5 Gallon Mineral Water BottleOur cap mould for 5 gallon mineral water bottle is designed with 12 cavities and hot runner system. Configured with the inserted core and cavity that are interchangeable, our product performs with double locking function. We also can supply various design, as well as the cold runner product.
    1. 4 Cavity Jar Cap MouldThe 4 cavity jar cap mould is a kind of injection product. It adopts the sliding block structure.
      Our company is a professional 4 cavity jar cap mould manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including flip top cap mould, 8 cavity PET jar preform mould, 6 cavity blow mould for automatic linear blowing machine, and more.

The proper cap for plastic bottle is an important factor for improving the appearance. Our plastic bottle cap mould can be made with hot runner design and cold runner design. We introduce the advanced 2D and 3D software on processing and designing the product, even other complicated plastic products. Moreover, our experienced designers can meet the demands on product. With the professional manufacturing technology, our plastic bottle cap mould is widely applied in packing beverage, mineral water, medicine, personal care product, food, etc.

Our plastic bottle cap mould is made of high quality steel material, which features high abrasion resistance. Most of the accessories are made through the CNC equipment in high precision. Aided with the well designed hot runner system, the product ensures even distribution of fluid and air pressure in each cavity.

The product varies in different cavities, like 4 cavity type, 16 cavity type, 72 cavity, etc. According to different caps, we provide various solutions. For example, the cap with shallow thread is suitable for the pushing tube ejection demolding, yet the cap with deep thread will be treated with the motor oil chain or rack and pinion rotating demolding. With the positioning function, the rack and pinion demolding ensures the designated direction of the top cap faces when the cap is opened.

The thread cap mould we make is configured with the ASSAB S136 or HRC52 core and cavity as well as the P-20 mould base. It is coated with chrome on the surface before assembling. All components of the product are standard and interchangeable. Due to the excellent design of cooling channel, the product works with shortened cycling time of production. It can be used for over 3 million times in general.

Moreover, this plastic bottle cap mould is designed with the progressive foreign hot runner system, which is composed of the heating coil and thermocouple from Germany or Italy, temperature controller from South Korea, etc. If in need, the product will cooperate with the cap slitting machine for cutting the security ring.

HENGXIN MOULD is a specialized plastic cap mould manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including bottle blow mould, hot runner system, preform mould, and more.

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