Preform Mould

    1. 96 Cavity PET Preform MouldWith high cost performance, the product leads in the fierce competition in the market.
      The product adopts the HUSKY design and excellent cooling water circuit so that it is suitable for the HUSKY preform injection molding system or other injection machines in different brands at home or abroad.
    1. 72 Cavity PET Preform MouldIntroducing the HUSKY and superior cooling water channel, the product can be cooperated with the HUSKY preform injection shaping system or other injection machines in varied brands in China or abroad. Moreover, this product is mainly applied in making the package for mineral water, beverage, etc.
    1. 48 Cavity PET Preform Injection MouldIn size of L1020×W600×H550mm, the 48 Cavity PET preform injection mould can be used more than 3 million times. This product adopts the gas sealing structure through pin valve and there is no tail on the bottom of the preform. It is suitable for various domestic and foreign brands of injection machines, such as HUSKY, Nestal PET line, Haitain, etc.
    1. 32 Cavity PET Preform MouldIn size of L760×W600×H480mm, the product has a long service life and it can be cooperated with various famous brands of injection machines, like HUSKY, Nestal PET line, Haitain, etc. This product is suitable for shaping package for mineral water, cola, cosmetic and personal care package. Therein, the product for cosmetic works in the cycling time as short as 20 second.
    1. 24 Cavity PET Preform MouldThe 24 cavity PET preform mould is applied in making the package for mineral water and beverage.
      Without any tail on the bottom of the preform, the product makes used of the gas sealing structure through the pin valve.
      It can be used more than 3 million times.
    1. 16 Cavity PET Preform MouldThis 16 cavity PET preform mould is applied in packing the 5L edible oil. Due to the gas seal structure with pin valve, the product has no tail on the bottom. With long service life, the product is suitable for cooperating with various brands of injection machines, like HUSKY, Nestal PET line, Haitain, etc.
    1. 12 Cavity PET Preform MouldThe 12 cavity PET preform mould is applicable for making package of mineral water, beverage, cola and edible oil.
      The product is designed with the gas seal structure with pin valve so that there is no tail on the bottom of the preform.
      Its service life is as long as 3 million times.
    1. 8 Cavity PET Jar Preform MouldThe 8 Cavity PET jar preform mould adopts the gas seal structure with pin valve so that there is no tail on the bottom of the preform. With long life span, the product is widely used for making package for candy, dried fruit, biscuit, etc. Moreover, it is adaptable for working with different brands of injection machines, like HUSKY, Nestal PET line, Haitain, etc.
    1. 4 Cavity PET Jar Preform MouldDue to the gas seal structure with pin valve, the product makes the jar without any tail on the bottom. This product can be used over 3 million times and it is suitable for various injection machines, such as HUSKY, Nestal PET line, Haitain, etc. In order to meet the demands of customers, we develop this product with four cavities or two cavities to help our customers to reduce the cost on production device.
    1. 3 Gallon Bottle Preform MouldWith high production efficiency and stable performance, the product ranks the leading position in the market competition. It is widely applied in making the package for mineral water, food, etc. The weight of each cavity ranges from 300 to 400g and the product can make the disposable bottle or reusable bottle.
    1. 12 Cavity PP Preform MouldTherein, the nursing bottle made of PP is the perfect replacement of PC bottle and it is high temperature resistant, non toxic and highly transparent. BO-PP material is suitable for medicine product package. With pin-point gate structure, the preform has the tail less than 0.5mm on the bottom and this will not influence the quality of the bottle.
    1. PET CanIn order to save packaging cost and attract customers, we recommend the customers of the transparent PET can for carbonated soft drinks packaging. This product spreads widely in the local supermarket. As requested, we focus on designing and manufacturing preform mould for PET can more than 5 years.
    1. BOPP Preform MouldOur company has provided mould and technical support for many large pharmaceutical packaging companies. The BOPP perform mould, independently developed by us, presents many advantages over similar products, such as more reliable quality and competitive price. The infusion bottles produced using our product have uniform thickness and high degree of transparency.

The preform mould is made of the imported nitride steel. This product also adopts the original optimized specialized mould steel HRC50 from Sweden, which is processed with preheating treatment. We pay much attention the detailed production, even the thread mouth is made in strict accordance with the international standard to ensure the long service life and the applicable area of the product. After testing, the product can be used more than 3 million shots without any maintenance.

The hot runner is the key element affecting the performance of the preform mold. Our hot runner is designed with free cutting pouring gate to reduce the working intensity. The nozzle of the hot runner controls the temperature independently to avoid some problems, like the bottom of the bottle becomes white or has fiber steaks, etc. At even temperature for heating, our product can improve the quality of the plastic product.

This preform mould is produced with the advanced second grade of double taper positioning technology so that all the working cavities lock independently and automatically. With high concentricity, the product controls the eccentricity within 0.05 or 0.06mm. It is processed with the turning center to ensure the quality of the parts, the wall thickness difference within 0.05mm, the weight deviation within 0.1g. All the accessories are interchangeable so that the product is easy for use. As the preform passes the tensile test through computer simulation, the blowing finished product ratio is increased.

Due to the reasonable arrangement of the cooling water channel and ordinary temperature cooling water, the product works with high production efficiency. The mold in fully automatic production equals the imported product. Its molding cycle is as short as 15 second if the product cooperates with proper cooling machine, preform design and injection machine.

Our preform mould can vary in different types including the 96 cavity type, the 48 cavity type, 4 cavity type and so on. We also can supply the 4 cavity PP preform product to meet the demands of customers.

Technical Specifications
Name Up to 96 cavity hot runner preform mould
Application Packaging for mineral water, juice, cola, edible oil, personal care product, detergent and so on.
Injection Machine Suitable for various brands of injection machines both at home and abroad, such as Haitian, Chensong, Husky, Nestel PET line, etc.
Core, Cavity and Neck Ring S136 Sweden ASSAB
Mould Base P-20
Slider 718#
Heating Plate H-13
Pin Valve SKD61
Isolator Cap DuPont Brand
Heating Coil and Thermocouple Hotset in Germany or Rotfil in Italy
Temperature Controller Omron or Yudo OEM
Delivery Time 60 days

General Characteristics of Preform Mold
1. Productivity
The hot runner preform mold is varied with 2 cavity up to 96 cavity. Due to specially designed cooling circuit, the product features fast cycling. The part ejection sensor that monitors the preform transfers to the take-off plate so as to shorten the cycle time of production. With the standard interchangeable component, we ensure that the replacement of parts is available within 24 hours.
2. Reliability
The rugged design prolongs the service life of the mold. The auxiliary taper reduces the abrasion of the mold through pre-aligning the mold halves prior to the engagement of the neck ring taper. The roller cam actuates both the opening and closing performance on the thread splitting.
3. High quality parts
Due to the advanced manufacturing machine and processing, the preform mold has low weight and dimensional variation between cavities. Various water hoses at the bottom of the hot runner preform mould eliminate the potential of water marks on preform.

HENGXIN MOULD is a China-based preform mould manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as plastic cap mould, bottle blow mould, and hot runner system.

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